uploadArchives now including tar and zip files when using application plugin

After upgrading Gradle, I noticed that performing a release is much slower. This appears to be due to uploadArchives now including the distribution archives created by the application plugin. Previously the task only uploaded the pom, jars, and asc files. Now the zip and tar archives are included as well.

This appears to have changed with either Gradle 2.4 or 2.5, and does not appear to be intentional going by the release notes.

From what version to what version?

Actually, digging through this I’m wrong. This appears to have been the case for a while now and I never noticed. I thought it was different because the release took a very long time, and watching the info log appeared to be stuck on the distribution archives. Looking into the repository history, though, shows that its been uploading those files for a long time.

Sorry for the noise.