uploadArchives consequently uploads archives with a timestamp two hours behind

(tulsoba) #1

We build our projects with gradle 1.5 using Jenkins and use the uploadArchives task. This works fine but for some reason the timestamp generated is two hours behind:

:MyProject:uploadArchivesUploading: ....-1.0.0-20130523.182759-259.war to repository remote at http://xxx/artifactory/libs-snapshot-local
Transferring 20949K from remote
Uploaded 20949K

The build on the master started at 20:25 but for some reason the timestamp above is two hours behind.

I have checked that all our (Ubuntu) build slaves + master have the correct time. What does Gradle use to generate the timestamp in the artifact before uploading it to eg. artifactory?

(Rolf Suurd) #2

Is the user.timezone property of the (forked) jvm perhaps set to UTC?

(tulsoba) #3

user.timezone is correct on each slave