Upgrade 5.5.1 to 5.6 broke my build

The only error I get is this

Could not determine the dependencies of task ‘:webserver:http-templating:classes’.

Could not create task ‘:webserver:http-templating:compileTemplates’.

It’s odd as there is no compile error or anything, just a weird could not create task. This is a large project so I am not sure of the next steps to break this down just yet but have some questions to help me below. I think this must be related to the plugin webpieces creates. The project above has this line bringing in the plugin

apply plugin: ‘org.webpieces.templatecompiler’

I can’t seem to recall where this will come from? What version will be brought in? (the plugin is built in the same project, however I recall that this piece of the project is always on an older version of the plugin).

This is the build file for the plugin

This is the project template compiler’s build file

What’s the best way to dig into this?

ahh, they keep changing the apis the GroovyPlugin uses and this plugin is nearly a copy of that one but for html compiling…grrrr, if only they would solidify the apis in use and lock them down.

then to top it off, the new class that is used instead of SourceSetUtils was added the same time SourceSetUtils was deleted so I can’t exactly migrate slowly and start using the new code before the old one is deleted(that further caused issues/confusion as I looked through GroovyPlugin diffs).

oh well, it will be nice to get through this, but of course nexus is now having upload timeouts again.