Update already approved plugin get pending approval status


Here at Proton we are publishing in open source some of the gradle plugins we are using. The public repository can be found here GitHub - ProtonMail/protoncore_android: Proton Core components for Android

We did wanted to update our plugins and by doing that, we might had broke something that cause our plugins to be in “pending approval” status Gradle - protontechnologies (Proton Technologies)

What could be done to get our plugins finally approved? Once they are approved, can we push new releases without waiting approvals?

Thanks for the help!

I had a similar issue, in my case I added maven-publish to my build.gradle which removed the pre-fix gradle.plugin. from the plugin. The pre-fix was automatically being added as part of some unknown build step so I had to manually add it back since I wanted to upgrade to maven-publish.
For more details see this thread: Unintended approval process for subsequent versions of existing Gradle Plugins · Issue #103 · gradle/plugin-portal-requests · GitHub

Thanks for the info, this is actually what we did (add the maven-publish plugin) to test deployment locally as it looks like the way to do it from the documentation Update already approved plugin get pending approval status

Whats weird is that even the Gradle sample to publish a plugin includes the maven-publish plugin Gradle - How do I publish my plugin?.

Gradle’s recommendation is to use maven-publish to publish. I believe this is what should be used going forward.

The problems is the old way (I am not sure what gets used by default when you don’t add maven-publish) used to always pre-fix packages with “gradle.plugin.”. So you can either add it manually to your package id, or get the new namespace approved and tell your users to use the new namespace.

Thanks for the details, we look into that :slightly_smiling_face: