How to get new plugins out of "Pending Approval" state

I emailed support a while ago to ask if I need to do anything before publishing 2 new plugins. I was told no. We have published those plugins, but you can not find them by searching. On our user page (Gradle - ctic (Chesapeake Technology International)), they are listed, but have a large “Pending Approval” badge next to them.

What needs to be done to move them from “Pending” to being usable?

As a slight complicating factor, one was published under the wrong GAV coordinates, and will need to be re-published. But, at the moment, I can’t even navigate to the plugin entry to delete it.


Usually they should get through the manual approval process in a couple of days.
If you already wait significantly longer, you should probably open a ticket on Issues · gradle/plugin-portal-requests · GitHub which is the place to get help with the plugin portal.