Unexpected linkage issue with Gradle 3.2.1/3.3 API code

The error firstly is:

......: unable to resolve class org.gradle.internal.impldep.aQute.bnd.osgi.resource.FilterParser
 @ line 3, column 1.
   import org.gradle.internal.impldep.aQute.bnd.osgi.resource.FilterParser

1 error

First important thing is that I never used or even got close to anything OSGI plugin or BND Tool.

This is where the code is compiled against Gradle 3.2.1 API and then a consuming plugin is trying to use that with anything earlier than Gradle 2.14.1.

The actual code is at https://github.com/ysb33r/grolifant/tree/development and the issue reproducible via ./gradlew build.

Never mind. There was an accidental import which I did not spot as IntelliJ collapses imports.