Understanding Multiproject build order


i want to build a multiproject with over 200 Eclipse plugins. So i have a build.gradle in every plugin folder where i apply a plugin called wuff and add the dependencies. In the root folder i have a build.gradle and a settings.gradle.

settings.gradle looks like this:

include 'plugin1'
include 'plugin2'
include 'plugin200'
rootProject.name = 'plugin 155'

When i call the build.gradle in the root folder gradle builds the plugins in the same order as written in the settings.gradle.
So he starts with plugin 1 and then 2 and so on. Somehow i thought gradle resolves automatically the build order of the plugins. Is this right or have i to tell gradle what the build order actually is?

Now the build fails because plugin 1 needs plugin 54… Of course i can set compile project(’:plugin54’) in build.gradle of plugin 1, but that fells like i am doing something wrong. So what is a good practice in gradle?