Unable to use eclipsebuild.BundlePlugin


We are currently trying to migrate our JavaApplication from Ant to Gradle.

I cannot import the eclipsebuild.BundlePlugin defined here:

To stay away from other issues, I created an other project.
When I try to import the plugin, eclipse build and the Eclipse Problems tells me this


** What went wrong:**
Could not compile build file ‘/Users/arthurls/git/touchram/ca.mcgill.sel.api/build.gradle’.
startup failed:
build file ‘/Users/arthurls/git/touchram/ca.mcgill.sel.api/build.gradle’: 1: unable to resolve class eclipsebuild.BundlePlugin
@ line 1, column 1.
import eclipsebuild.BundlePlugin

When I remove the import, the error is:
** What went wrong:**
A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘ca.mcgill.sel.api’.
Plugin with id ‘eclipsebuild.BundlePlugin’ not found.

Would you have any idea why it can’t import it?
For the few uses I have seen of this plugin, nothing more than the import seems to have been done.