Unable to find project exploded aar

We have simple composite gradle build with android project and a library project. We are getting the following error from the build

> Task :kds-android-studio:lintAnalyzeDebug FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':kds-android-studio:lintAnalyzeDebug'.
> unable to find project exploded aar for /Users/dean/workspace/tray/monorepo/android/libraries/tray-lib-android-studio :

In the build file, we have this line to pull in the artifact(per composite builds)

implementation 'com.tray.android.lib:tray-lib-android-studio'

In the settings.gradle file, we have this(per composite builds)

includeBuild '../../libraries/tray-lib-android-studio'

I have no idea what an aar file is. Any direction on debugging this further would be great? (I am mostly guessing right now and google doesn’t seem to have any results on lintAnalyzeDebug and “unable to find project exploded aar”.

I see an aar file fro debug and release in the tray-lib-android-studio project. Where is the main gradle project searching for ‘exploded aar’ and I wonder if I can just hack a target before the one that fails to explode the library aar in a good location to get this passing?