Trying to use Eclipse compiler in Gradle to process Unicode

I recently added some Unicode text for Russian and Hindi (Devanagari) to my Java application, Eclipse handles it fine, but Gradle crashes. On reading more, it seems that the problem is javac, so I guessed that using the Eclipse Compiler instead should work. I have been trying to get that working for days, and not making any progress! FWIW my version of Gradle is 2.14.1, and my version of Eclipse is Mars (4.5.0).

I know lots of people have put up ways of running ecj (is this right?) under Gradle, but every single one crashes in a different way! I suspect that some solutions are not complete build.gradle files, some refer to obsolete software, some assume other stuff is installed, so I am wondering if someone could post a complete, working, turn-key solution that will let me create and run a build.gradle file, just indicating which products have to have version numbers filled in, etc. This would fantastically helpful! TIA

By the way, my current javac-based build.gradle file works fine (if I cut out the Unicode), so the part I need is the part that specifies a different compiler. Thanks!

Can you please provide the exception you get when using Gradle? This might just be a matter of using the correct encoding in your build.

Using a different compiler is not supported and not something I’d recommend anyway.

Hi Stefan, this is embarrassing! I had one segment in Russian and another in Hindi (Devanagari), the former in ASCII, the latter in Unicode. I assumed my problem was with the Hindi, but it was actually with the Russian! When I converted the Russian to Unicode, everything worked fine (both Eclipse and Gradle)! Abject apologies!

If you are still interested in seeing the error messages, I can send them to you - otherwise we can close this query!


Paul M.