Travis-CI with JBake and GitPages


I am trying to get a gradle build to run successfully in a Travis-CI environment. What this build does is just a static web page generation that in end is supposed to publish the generated static web site in the remote git branch called gh-pages.
The build unfortunately fails because it does not have permission to publish to the remote git branch. I am able to run the build locally my pc and publish but I had to use SSH keys authentication on my box.
How can I make it work on Travis-CI ?
The source code and build files are at:
Thank you, kindly
Luis Oscar

It seems that the mention of jbake is a bit of a red herring. The githubPages support is added by the gradle-git plugin and not related to jbake.

You can find the gradle-git authentication documentation here

Hi Lance,
Thank for the help I found that the problem has just to do with with the fact that the gradlew file did not had exec permission so it was just the case of addin them.

chmod +x gradlew

And commit back