Gradle plugin 2 publish to GitHub

(jim northrop) #1

To help C/I my sample gradle project, would like to find a gradle plugin that can push my ${projectDir} to my github a/c.
Any ideas? Thx

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

By publish to GitHub do you mean pushing your code or publishing one of your artifacts?

(jim northrop) #3

Something like using
Git push origin master
From project root folder
With my .travis.yml to deploy to my cloud foundry provider assuming code is ok then i amclose to a full C/D C/I process :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Muschko) #4

For executing Git commands from Gradle I have been using the Gradle Git plugin in the past. It uses JGit under the covers in case you want more control.

(jim northrop) #5

A fascinating choice. Will look for an example of gradle to ‘push’ my code to my repo Was thinking of a little bit of code to donate to groovy as another type of template engine. It will make asciidoctor files like *.adoc or *.asciidoc into first class citizens to be dynamically served by a groovy servlet. Guillaume says the huge dependencies would not allow it as part f groovy-all.jar, maybe a support jar ? Just an idea really.
Thanx 4 tip :+1::slight_smile:

(Benjamin Muschko) #6

You can find an example for a push operation via the Git plugin in this build script. Hope that helps!

(jim northrop) #7

Yes it will! All donations gratefully accepted. :smiley:
Will come back 2 u when success is near.