Transitive dependencies by default

(Prateek Srivastava) #1

I have a project that depends on another remote dependency. Is there a way to make it have those those include transitive dependencies by default, so that users don’t have to specify it?

This is what is currently needed by users: ‘’’ compile(‘’) {

transitive = true } ‘’’

I’d like them to be able to just simply do: ‘’’ compile(‘’) ‘’’

(davidmichaelkarr) #2

Try removing “@aar”.

(Prateek Srivastava) #3

The android plugin isn’t able to pull the aar dependency unless you explicitly specify the packaging.

(Stig Kleppe-Jørgensen) #4

I do not think this is possible. The @aar notation turns of transitivity as specified in the manual: (see section - Artifact only notation).

(Peter Niederwieser) #5

Sounds like the dependency has an incorrect packaging specified in its POM. ‘@aar’ indeed turns off transitive dependency resolution.