Aar transitive dependency not visible

When using gradle-5.4.1 on Android project…
There are two aar libraries published in the maven repository android-keystore-compat and android-keystore-compat-base, where android-keystore-compat depends on android-keystore-compat-base.

This dependency in build.gradle of android-keystore-compat is defined as


Which results to proper dependency in pom.xml of android-keystore-compat aar.
pom.xml of android-keystore-compat library


Now I want to define just the api("cz.kotox:android-keystore-compat:3.0.0") to access also features from the dependent library cz.kotox:android-keystore-compat-base:3.0.0

Unfortunatelly whenever I want to use some features of android-keystore-compat-base in the app, I have to define both dependencies in the app (to have all features visible in the app):


Any idea how to avoid needs to define such dependent libraries explicitly?
Therefore how to have just parent library defined and access also their dependencies?


Links to code are eventually here:
build.gradle of an app

build.gradle of android-keystore-compat

build gradle of android-keystore-compat-base

Well, I am not sure what exactly helped. I made bunch of small adjustments and now it works!
Here is project, where transitive dependencies work as expected: https://github.com/kotoMJ/security-showcase-android/tree/developV3