To build dll/so/bin in Gradle

One of the dependency entry is as below in pom.xml


need to pacjkage a jar file. How to do the same in Gradle???

Not sure if this is what you ask for, but declaring dependencies in Gradle is done like the following

dependencies {
  //compile dependencies
  compile "${ims.aa.groupId}:rsacommon_impl:${ims.aa.depend.version}@jar"

THanks Francois for the reply.

I am interested in Building DLL, Shared Object, Binaries for windows and linux respectively.

My codebase is in Java. Is it supported for Java in 2.4???

Any small example would be more helpful.

Gradle conveys some pretty powerful concepts.
I really suggest to read the ‘Getting Started’ section

  1. for Java Development
  2. for Native Development

I can assure you this won’t be for nothing.