Cannot convert URL 'com.jacob:jacob:1.17:x86@dll' to a file

We have uploaded a DLL in our Artifactory repository, which is defined as this:

jacob_dll_x86 : 'com.jacob:jacob:1.17:x86@dll'

If I make a dependency on it, Gradle does download it from Artifactory into it’s local gradle cache. But then, when it should build a jar including it with this:

from jacob_dll_x86

it fails with this error message:

* What went wrong:
Cannot convert URL 'com.jacob:jacob:1.17:x86@dll' to a file.

Another thing that is astonishing me: we just upgrade Jacob from M2-17 to 17; so we had the dll declared before as:

jacob_dll_x86 : 'com.jacob:jacob:1.17-M2:x86@dll',

and this worked fine!

We use Gradle 2.0

You cannot pass a dependency string to ‘jar.from’. You’ll need to pass the configuration that holds this (and possibly other) dependencies, e.g. ‘from configurations.runtime’.

Hi Peter,

thanks for this clarification. The jar now is built as it should .