Tips for gradle/emacs compilation mode integration

After the most recent NFJS conference, Matt and Tim encouraged me to post my gradle/emacs integration scheme for compiles

Starting point for integration between gradle and compilation mode in emacs.

  1. set add a regexp for the compilation mode so that emacs can recognize gradle output.

For Gnu emacs this works (add-to-list


'("^\[ERROR\] \(.*\):\[\([0-9]+\),\([0-9]+\)\]" 1 2 3))

for a little more information see

Add a command so that emacs can find your gradle build file. This provides functionality similar to ant -s.

Very impressive. I see you turned on -q to avoid the issue with the inability to parse the status line because of the continual re-writing for progress.

It should look for the wrapper script and use that if it exists (gradlew)