First compile error isn't on its own line

I run my gradle builds in Emacs. The first compilation error from a build is emitted on the same line as the previous build output step, which defeats the Emacs next-error function for jumping to the offending source line.

To illustrate, I modified the gradle “application” sample app from the distribution to introduce a compile error, and build without -q:

~/src/gradle-1.12/samples/application>gradle build :compileJava/home/stevey/src/gradle-1.12/samples/application/src/main/java/org/gradle/sample/ error: cannot find symbol

System.oot.println(“Greetings from the sample application.”);



variable oot

location: class System 1 error



That :compileJava at the beginning of the compilation error line confuses Emacs (and, likely, analysis tools as well). I can work around it in various ways (the simplest being adding “-q”), but it’d be nice if you guys would emit a newline before printing the first error. Sometimes it can be tricky or undesirable to inject a -q into the build arguments, depending on how you’re invoking it.