Tip of master uses a lot of memory

Are the memory issues with latest M5 snapshop already known? We have a project with about 30 subprojects. It pulls in JBoss libraries, which lead to very deeply nested dependencies. Running ‘idea’ on this took about 18 minutes with M3.

Running with the latest on master doesn’t seem to be any faster (still takes about 18 min), but it gobbles memory and runs out of heap. It takes 2g of heap to not crash.

Did some profiling, looks like its mostly held in DefaultConfiguration.cachedResolvedConfiguration, though I haven’t figured out if this is all intentional, or a memory leak. Looks like it’s cached resolved dependencies, but for some reason, this isn’t making it go faster. It also doesn’t appear to be ensuring each unique dependency is only resolved once, across a multi-project, which I sort of expected was the approach you’d take to speed things up.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you were aware.

Thanks Russ for all the help with getting that issue nailed. When I’m writing it I think we already have a fix. If not it should be completed soon.

Thanks and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Luke had me try out the M7 nightly. Fixed everything sufficiently. Sent him a test project and a mem graph that still shows some suspicious memory growth running the idea plugin, but it doesn’t tank anymore. It’s looking really sweet now though for builds.


Hey Russ,

Although things are now better with m7, we’ve opened another issue to look at why your project still requires almost 1GB of heap. Depending on what we find, actually getting the memory usage down may not be tackled until post 1.0 due to other priorities. I’ll let you know either way.