Memory issues with gradle build

Hi guys,

Do you know if I get attention from some Gradle guys?

We finally found a way how to increase memory for workers and moved to Gradle 5.2 and Android Gradle Plugin 3.4.0-beta03.

However, it became a disaster. We have much longer builds now, approximatively 30%, sometimes they never finish. As well we see quite many OOM during running unit tests.

I assume it is because we have a quite extensive build for memory - AGP or kapt are just taking a lot of memory to do things. And later we have lint, and later we have Roboltric tests that also consumes a lot of memory.

We have a quite powerful machine. How could I just tell to gradle to eat all possible memory? I have also suspicious that after run the memory is not released. I see after restart builds are faster and stable in comparing to builds after some time.

If anyone has any idea please help.

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Please delete topic! Looks like I have to go directly to GitHub with my issues.

Could you please link the issue on GitHub if you opened one? Did you find a solution to this problem?