The project was not built due to "Resource already exists on disk" errors in eclipse

(Ned Twigg) #1

I occasionally get errors in my generated eclipse projects that say The project was not built due to "Resource already exists on disk. (I should notw that I’m not a buildship user, I just generate projects and import them the old-fashioned way). The fix is to delete the bin directory, and refresh the project. The trouble is that sometimes it starts a cascade of errors, where I have to do this manually for every single project in my workspace.

It finally got annoying enough that I dug in, and the troubles start with Gradle 4.4, when it started creating separate output folders for different configurations.

It’s intermittent and hard to reproduce, but it’s happened in 3 different unrelated things I’m working on, so I finally built a plugin that makes gradle generate oldschool eclipse projects. Maybe the right answer is to adopt buildship or fix a bug in eclipse, but just figured I’d advertise it here in case anybody else bumps into the same problem: