The Gradle project itself cannot be opened in Eclipse

(Cristian Chiovari) #1

Hi there …i would like to do a fix for gradlew (to work behind a secured proxy) and wonder if there is somehow a way of creating an eclipse project out of the gradle sources…?

I am sure there is but I don’t know how to do it .

I downloaded the gradle-1.0-milestone-7 with src’s.


(Benjamin Muschko) #2

You should be able to generate the Eclipse project files via ./gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse on the root level.

(Luke Daley) #3

The project is not currently buildable in Eclipse because it’s arranged in such a way that can’t be modelled via Eclipse (Eclipse has a very simplistic model of project dependencies).

I’m going to turn this post into a problem and use it to track the resolution of this issue (i.e. making the Gradle project buildable in Eclipse).

(Cristian Chiovari) #4

Np…meanwhile i managed to compile the class I changed in order to have a gradlew that works behind a secured proxy

(aroberts) #5

The github project states “However, you will have to do some manual fixes to the project’s setup to make it work.”

Is there any instructions on what manual fixes are required?

Without being able to compile in my IDE is resulting in even trivial changes taking significant effort.