Thanks to all the help from the Gradle team at the NFJS Project Automation Experience conference

Thank you SO much to Hans, Luke, and Szczepan (As well as Rolf and Tim…) for all the Gradle help, attention, and guidance you gave me at this past weeks NFJS Project Automation Experience conference in Ft. Lauderdale. Especially Luke, who sat with me during many of the breaks (and through some sessions even…) to help me work through some of the nuances of my build and incorporate some more of the advanced concepts from Han’s talk (like auto-wiring my source code generations to the compile task).

Working directly with you pushed my level of understanding and appreciation of gradle to a new level. I was successful doing other enhancements to my gradle build on my plane ride home ( i.e, refactoring away that complex afterEvaluate transitive filter I wrote).

I wish you all continued success on an awesome product, and I hope that when we meet at the next conference I can report back that Gradle has established a growing foothold within my company and organization. Cheers and Happy Holidays.

Doug Lethin