Hello everyone,

I must say that when I first encountered Gradle I didn’t like it very much. But that was mostly (if not all) due to my own ignorance. I really didn’t looked into it much.

A couple of months ago I had to get into it a bit deeper. I had to create a multi project build almost from scratch with a couple of requirements that were not all that standard. I fell in love with it!!. I had so much fun feeling the power and control I had over the whole process. I just kept going through the docs again and again trying to optimize the build a little more and learning tips and tricks here and there.

Today I had to work with gradle again, importing an ant build and making sure everything worked correctly. Apart from conflicts in tasks names (which I resolved with a comment in everything is running perfectly.

Everything is so clean and clear. It’s so much fun I hope they would assign me to migrate the whole ant build (I hope this is not too geeky hehehe).

Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate everyone involved in the project. It’s simply great. Apart from a problem I haven’t solved with a build and a problem with the eclipse plugin when creating git repositories everything is perfect. Thanks again for the work!

Hi Alejandro,

Many thanks for your kind words. We work hard on Gradle and it’s always great to hear about people enjoying using it.

We hope Gradle brings you much success in the future.