Testing Toolkit for Custom Build Logic

summary: Providing a comprehensive suite of utilities for testing custom build logic and plugins. status: Foundational work being done, and planning. code: planned

The testing toolkit will enable users to fully integration test their build logic and plugins, potentially across different versions of Gradle.

This would help tremendously, especially for agile teams that conduct ALL of their development in a test-driven way. From experience, I have seen that as a project grows from a small one into a huge one, the build scripts that are developed tend to become less and less maintainable. A testing toolkit would help to keep the pace in an active agile project!


Is there any updates on the status of this? I’d like to be able to use org.gradle.plugins.ide.AbstractIdeIntegrationTest to test support we’d like to add for a language in our plugin project. Is this possible to do?

Hi Ryan,

It’s still in progress.


Do you have any idea of how much progress has been made on this front? Or more importantly, how much still remains and when we might expect to see this be available? I’m trying to weigh the merits of a solution we might use in the interim.

1.5 at the earliest (~ 6 weeks away).

I spiked some code recently that is likely to be the basis of our kit: https://github.com/alkemist/gradle-test-kit