Custom Gradle plugin integration tests

(Piotrek Bzdyl) #1


I am trying to write some integration tests for a custom plugin and I discovered some useful classes in Gradle’s repo with such tests for Javadoc plugin using TestResources or AbstractIntegrationSpec (providing Gradle executor and other setup code). However I couldn’t find it in the TestKit library.

Did I miss anything or TestResources and other useful classes are not part of TestKit? If they are not, is there a way to include them as a separate dependency? I would like to avoid doing copy&paste of those classes.

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(Benjamin Muschko) #2

At the moment TestKit does not provide convenience fixtures. I think it would be useful to have additional support. If you would like to contribute the functionality, I’d suggest we start with a design spec that describes the functionality. We’d need to have support for JUnit, Spock and TestNG that works in a similar fashion.

(Piotrek Bzdyl) #3

Thank you for the reply. I would like to help but currently I don’t have enough time :frowning: I will get back to it later.