testFixtures classes of Lib-A cannot see testFixtures classes of Lib-B

Lib-A/src/testFixtures contains unit test classes that are used by several projects/modules.
Lib-B/src/testFixtures contains helper classes used by Lib-A (and other projects/modules).

Problem: Lib-B is not on the testFixturesCompileClasspath for Lib-A.
Lib-A build.gradle contains this:


I’ve tried several different configurations, but cannot get Lib-A to compile (due to the missing Lib-B on the classpath) - any suggestions would be appreciated.


The dependency declaration:


is adding a dependency to Lib-A’s testCompileClasspath. To add a dependency to Lib-A’s test fixtures compile (testFixturesCompileClasspath), use the testFixturesImplementation configuration instead:

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Thank you @Chris_Dore, that worked!

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