'testFixtures' don't work with 'implementation' in Eclipse only

As has been reported by posts such as


dependencies {
    implementation project(':my-project')
    testImplementation testFixtures(project(':my-project'))

Causes compilation errors in Eclipse, while things work well from Gradle and in other IDEs. The above dependency configuration is not only valid, but also recommended in such cases. For example, here at 4:50:

I read about the changes in Gradle 7.5 and the 2 classpaths in Eclipse (The Eclipse Plugins). Note that 7.5+ - Eclipse cannot resolve types from projects with text fixtures · Issue #21853 · gradle/gradle · GitHub is still active, requesting a fix, and like the last comment there by effad, I also have to wonder about the choice that was made when both test=false and test=true are present. The above configuration means “I need the main source set of the dependency for my main source set and the testFixtures source set for my tests source set”.

This configuration should be made valid in Eclipse out of the box since it’s valid in Gradle and we shouldn’t need to choose one or the other. It seems that this is something Buildship should do (or is it the responsibility of the eclipse plugin?).

@donat Can you have a look?