Test failures swallowed, TestResultProcessor involved


I have just noticed a very serious and concerning issue: on TeamCity, we have some Gradle builds that appear green even though some tests have failed. The reason being that these test errors are not reported back from the test process to the main Gradle process (at least this is my interpretation).

The most concerning thing is that the build will appear green, even though these errors have occurred. When I run the build locally, the build never stops and keeps printing :

Discarding message [Request consumer: org.gradle.api.internal.tasks.testing.TestResultProcessor, payload: [MethodInvocation method: started()]], as message server is no longer available.


I can provide more details if needed.

Regards, Etienne

We have a complete log output available but I need an email address where I can send it to you (I do not want to publicly post the entire build output).

Where can I send the log output to?

Regards, Etienne