Disable duplicate logging in [Test Output]

Hi, we are using Gradle with testng. After tests are ran, here is the (teamcity) log:
[Step 5/10] :test (15s)
[:test] Gradle suite > Gradle test > com.workday.omsauto.wpc.GMCExampleTest.testGetProjects STANDARD_OUT

[Step 5/10] Gradle suite (9s)

[Gradle suite] Gradle test (9s)

[Gradle test] com.workday.omsauto.wpc.GMCExampleTest.testGetProjects (9s)
[com.workday.omsauto.wpc.GMCExampleTest.testGetProjects] [Test Output]

The two sections represented by … are the actually the logs. the second one in [Test Output] is exactly the same as the first one with the same timestamp. Since we have tens of thousands of line of longs. we would like to remove the repeat in [Test Output]. But I have not found a way to do so.

I have this same exact issue with using Gradle on TeamCity with the test target.
It never happens with running the same test target on the command-line (i.e. outside of TeamCity).

I cannot find any other people reporting this same issue other than this.
I guess not many people use Gradle on TeamCity?

It’d be great if somebody can help on this.

TeamCity is using a ~700 lines init script where amongst other things also stuff about test output is done.
I didn’t read it too in-depth, but especially as you said it does not happen on command line, I’d say you should probably report it to JetBrains at youtrack.jetbrains.com and post a link here for reference.