Supporting .NET

At Best approach for building C# long-term plans to support .NET are mentioned. Is there anything new about those plans?

I’ve heard of some people using plugins (wrappers around something else) to build C#. Take a look on the plugin portal.

I think our plan is to make sure the primitives are there to be able to add C# support on top of the rule based configuration model. Our focus right now is to get this working for Java, Android and the built-in native plugins (C/C++, Obj-C/C++) first. I know there’s someone who’s expressed interest in building their own C# plugin based on how we’ve built the native plugins. I don’t think that’s started yet or if it’ll exist as a 3rd party plugin.

Aging thread but still curious if there is any movement on this. My thinking is that this should be rather easy to add by re-using existing features e.g. VisualCpp. Would this be a fairly easy to do for a “non-core” dev?