Best approach for building C#

I’m interested in Gradle as a potential build tool for a project that’s a combination of Java, Javascript (node), and C#. From what I’ve been able to find (“C#” is a terrible search term), there is an msbuild plugin, and I’ve seen mention of a C/C++ plugin. Is there any existing or planned way to build C# projects directly?

Thank you.

There are long-term plans to support .NET, but nothing concrete. I’m not familiar with the ‘msbuild’ plugin but once wrote a simple ‘msbuild’ wrapper for a client (and you could too). C/C++ support is provided out-of-the-box and is something that we are currently heavily investing in (i.e. gets better with each release).

I am also very-much interested in using Gradle for our C# .NET projects.Given that there were long-term plans to support .NET about a year ago I’d be interested to hear what the status is at this point in time and what a .NET developer should do if he wants to starting using Gradle today.