Status of 1.0-milestone-8

(Dan Stine) #1

I am curious about the status of 1.0-milestone-8. This release is marked as due last Friday (Jan 27, 2012).

My particular need is the fix for GRADLE-2010. I pulled a nightly build that fixes the problem, but it will be nice to have the real milestone build.

Thanks, Dan

(Adam Murdoch) #2

The plan is to have a 1.0-milestone-8 snapshot available in the next couple of days for people to try out. If the snapshot proves to be stable over a few days, we’ll release it as 1.0-milestone-8.

(vincent richomme) #3

How many milestone do you plan before releasing a 1.0 ?

(Adam Murdoch) #4

We’re currently reviewing exactly what we want in 1.0. At this stage, the plan is that after milestone 8, there will be a small number of beta releases, followed by at least one rc release, then the final 1.0 release. Depending what issues come up, there may be another milestone before the first beta.

(Dan Stine) #5

Thanks for the info, Adam. Gradle is fantastic, and I can’t wait to get more. :slight_smile:

(Matias Bjarland) #6

Any updates on the status of m8?

(Adam Murdoch) #7

There’s a snapshot available now:

If this proves stable over the next few days, we’ll release it as 1.0-milestone-8.