Started getting error running as non-root user

(Jeff Titmas) #1

I’ve been running gradle 2.10 happily for a couple of months, working on a Oracle Linux 6u5 VM administered by IT. Last night everything was working fine and I was doing “gradle build” etc. as myself (my user is not root). This morning, I can’t even run “gradle --version” as it comes up with the error below. However I am able to run as root user by doing “sudo gradle --version”.

I am assuming some administrative change has been made that affects my user, but I would like some pointers as I have no idea what to look for.

$ gradle --version

  • Exception is:
    net.rubygrapefruit.platform.NativeException: Failed to load native library ‘’ for Linux amd64.
    at net.rubygrapefruit.platform.internal.NativeLibraryLoader.load(

    Caused by: No locks available
    at Method)

(Sterling Greene) #2

Is your GRADLE_USER_HOME on a NFS mount? I think that’s a NFS error.

You could try… gradle -g /tmp --version to see if that makes it work (moves GRADLE_USER_HOME to /tmp for that invocation)

(Anish Khandelwal) #3

I am also facing the same issue, Tried you suggestion still the error.

(Jeff Titmas) #4

Thankyou - that works for me. Not sure what I can do about it but will check with the IT team what has happened to my usual home directory!

$ gradle -g /tmp --version

Gradle 2.10

Build time: 2015-12-21 21:15:04 UTC
Build number: none
Revision: 276bdcded730f53aa8c11b479986aafa58e124a6

Groovy: 2.4.4
Ant: Apache Ant™ version 1.9.3 compiled on December 23 2013
JVM: 1.8.0_65 (Oracle Corporation 25.65-b01)
OS: Linux 3.8.13-16.2.1.el6uek.x86_64 amd64

$ gradle --version

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

(Jeff Titmas) #5

The original problem - no locks available - was finally resolved by dropping the .gradle directory and letting gradle recreate it. I wonder if the “No locks available” message was related to there being too many locks taken out within .gradle and not released? It does look more like it was a gradle problem than an NFS issue (NFS v3).

Edit: This was a short-lived “final” resolution as the problem resurfaced. Support have since discovered some major problems with the filer that my home directory is stored on. Looks to be a file system issue as you originally suggested.

(Sterling Greene) #6

I’d expect any running daemons to have died over night (the timeout is only 3 hours) and there wouldn’t be any process left to hold on to the locks.

Maybe deleting/re-creating the directory caused the nfs client or nfs daemon to decide there weren’t any lock problems after all?

(Jeff Titmas) #7

Updated my last post with an edit - the problem resurfaced and on further investigation support found there is an underlying issue with the filer. Thanks for your replies on this.

(Sravan Sarraju) #8

I’m on RHEL6 and even Im hitting the same issue. Tried dropping the .gradle folder but no luck.

(Benjamin Muschko) #9

The issue you are seeing is likely related to the following: