Spawning multiple processes that block, and returning to the command prompt. Task to 'start' and 'stop' "session"

Hi. I’m a new Gradle user, it is fantastic, thanks.

I am trying to get some IDE-like assistance with auto-generation, but without the IDE. I want to use a text-editor, and not require that it have a plugin/macro/script to kick-off generation commands.

I want tell Gradle to “watch” some files and generate some other files when something changes. Specifically, I want to wrap Sass’ and CoffeeScript’s “watch” commands. One of the problems is that they both block.

Ideally, I could say “gradle start-watching” and it would spawn something, and then return to the command prompt. Later, I could say “gradle stop-watching”.

If someone could send some hints and/or URLs in my general direction, that would be appreciated. I’m hoping that I can leach off someone else’s hard work. I’m reading about the daemon now, I’m guessing that it is part of the solution.

Thanks, Luke

Another model for this is how sbt can monitor files for changes and do its incremental build.

There’s no real support for this kind of thing right now. You’d have to do this yourself by writing a watching daemon and managing the starting/stopping with the ant java task.

Thanks, Luke! Now I just need to find a way to serialize (and store in a file location that Gradle API hands to me) the process descriptor on the “start-watching” task, so that my “stop-watching” tasks kills the right process(es). Thanks - Luke