Sonar plugin not being fetched from company repository

Hi Gradle team,

I have added proxy settings in to fetch plugins and dependencies from our company repository.
dependencies are getting fetched and but plugins are not getting fetched from our company repository because it is trying to fetch from “…” and failing.

I have added error screenshot also, please check and help.

Please not that I have also made distributionURL present in the point to our company repository.

A general plea, do never share photos of your screen, especially not of textual content, from that also no screenshots please.
They are very hard to read, especially on mobile, and they are impossible to copy the text from or find with a search.

I’d guess it did work for the request, as you got the proper answer from it.
You requested something it does not have, and due to that it answers with a redirect to JCenter.
And the request to JCenter is, what failed, so you probably did not allow requests to JCenter in your proxy I’d guess.