Problems indexing with Nexus

I’m attempting to upgrade the SonarRunner plugin built into gradle with the new dependency located at:


Unfortunately we run a bunch of MITM SSL termination at work to ‘mitigate data loss’ - so rather than pull dependencies down like a normal human being, we have to mirror them in our local Nexus repository which is exempt from these punitive security measures.

However I’ve noticed that the Nexus has problems indexing so the dependency will not resolve.

I don’t expect you guys to change your repository server but I was just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and if so how they solved them.

There was a similar issue in this topic: Publish plugin and Sonatype OSSRH. See if this resolves your problem.


I gave that a go but no dice. I guess our network must be really screwing with things.

I did notice however that there are more items in the Browser Remote section: