Someone Please tell me the class the driver class name for the dependency file given below

compile group: ‘net.sf.squirrel-sql.plugins’, name: ‘netezza’ , version: ‘3.2.1’

I am getting class not found exception while I am trying to connect it using jdbcTemplate. I am using spring tool suite.

Getting this error message : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.netezza.Driver

The dependency you are specifying is for the Netezza SQuirreL plugin. This enhances the functionality in the SQuirreL SQL browser when connecting to Netezza databases. That is not the Netezza JDBC driver, which the CNF error refers to. You’ll have to find the Netezza JDBC driver somewhere. I don’t know if it’s available on a public artifact repository or whether you’ll have to download it and reference it as a local file.

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Yes David. Thanks. You are absolutely right. We had to find another internal repository which had the nzjdbc jar. Thanks again.