Setup build.gradle to run cucumber / junit tests via. command line against the jar file

Hi everyone,
I am very new to development so please excuse my awkward question.

I was tasked with setting up the build.gradle to create a fatjar file which can be ran via. command line to execute the tests.

I think I accomplished the first part of this. I setup the build.gradle file so it will create a fatjar file when ./gradlew fatJar is ran.

Now second part is how to use command line to run tests with the jar file and not meaning ./gradlew test. ./gradlew test works.

The tests are cucumber feature files but it uses a file which if select the and run it as a junit test then it will run the feature files which has a specified annotation listed in the @CucumberOptions, tags = {} . In this case my tags is @Auth.

Can running this test be done via. command line using the jar file?

Can someone provide me with a source , or the correct section(s) of the gradle docs which can help me? I’ve been hunting for this information and I’m just lost.

Thank You!

How does the fatjar fit into this? Are the tests in the fat jar?

Hi , The Tests should /need to be in the FatJar. I need to test to verify this . The FatJar was part of the story requirement as well as being able to run the tests using the fatJar.

I found information on creating the fatJar and here is what I have in my build.gradle. task fatJar(type: Jar) {
manifest {
attributes ‘Implementation-Version’: version,
‘Name’: “${baseName}”,
‘Main-Class’: ‘’
from { configurations.testCompile.collect { it.isDirectory() ? it : zipTree(it) } }
from sourceSets.test.output
with jar

Actually this morning I think I figured out how to do accomplish this.

Hi lnewportTX,

Can you please share if solution you found to run cucumber test from fat jar file. I am also facing same issue.