Server (blocking) tasks and watched tasks

If I have two tasks in task graph, out of which one blocks the build, like runServer then is there any way I can run other task let’s say copyResources in --continuous mode. I could start two gradle processes in two terminals but thats not optimal user experience.

I could see a reference to an upcoming non blocking task API but not sure if it is already available in 2.8. Also that would mean changes are required to runServer task which might be coming from a plugin on which one doesn’t have any control. Any other workarounds?

There’s nothing public right now, you can see what it takes to build something with the ratpack gradle plugin:

There’s not a way to convert a task from another plugin into something that’s non-blocking.

That looks bit complicated, but may be it’s just me because I miss the context there.

Is the public api for non blocking task call slated for release in 2.x Gradle?