Scala Plugin Performance Issues?

I am experiencing massive performance with the Scala Plugin. We’ve got a multi project build with ~70 sub projects. The sub projects include Scala and Java source code.

When I run any Gradle command (e.g. “gradle dep”), then the execution of the command takes 30 seconds plus. A build scan shows that 95% of the time is spent in the configuration phase and details show that 95% of the configuration time is spent by the Scala plugin. The build scan also shows that the Scala plugin spends 99% of it’s time on the first project (no matter which is the first one, i’ve tried different orders as well).

Any help is really appreciated.

Build Scan Screenshots

I managed to track this down using the gradle-profiler.

I just wanted to note here that the scala plugin had nothing to do with the problem. It was caused by another plugin that was just shown with roughly 290 milliseconds in the build scan …