Build taking ridiculously long time whereas maven is super quick

Hi Guys,

this is my first post on this forum.

We have migrated our build from maven to gradle for an application which is built using Apache-Camel/groovy.

The application has 167 tests and this build takes ~30 minutes to run including tests. The same code base takes 7 minutes to run using maven

We have other projects using similar tech stack but never had any issue.

I am looking for pointers to debug this issue, I have tried different OS/versions of gradle etc but no luck so far


If you can share it, creating a build scan will provide a lot of data. That’ll tell us where we need to look next.

Are you configuring any special options for the build (max-workers, memory, test task configuration, etc)? Are you using JUnit or TestNG?

I @sterling, thanks for your reply.

I am using JUNIT and no special conditions. With maven it runs very well, so just thinking its a tooling issue.

I am running Build scan and will update shortly.

build scan

Hey Ashish,

is it normal that individual tests are taking 20-30s? Do you use parallel testing when running with Maven? If so, you can activate it on Gradle’s test tasks (e.g. test.maxParallelForks = 4.)