Running kotlin plugin in the daemon

Hi. I’d like to use gradle daemon infrastructure from the kotlin plugin. I tried to do it similarly to the built-in java/groovy/scala plugins, but the implementations rely too heavy on internal APIs. Is there a good/official way to do it? Or any known 3rd-party plugins that do it?

If you are talking about stuff like compiler daemons then, no. In fact, there’s really no public API for interacting with the daemon at all. For the most part the daemon is transparent and running build with or without the daemon is identical to the “user”. Can you give a little context into exactly what you’re trying to do?

Ok, seems I misunderstand the plugins and languages support architecture.
Could you, please tell me, whether it makes sense to use the approach as in built-in java/groovy/scala parts for a new language support. I mean extending CompileSpec, Compiler, etc. And if yes - what benefits it may bring. Or simpler standard approach to pack everything into a task would suffice?

Those are all internal classes and likely to change. Right now, support for adding new language types from a plugin is not completely fleshed out yet. What we need a public way to allow people to register tool chains, which doesn’t currently exist. This is something that is in active development and will improve in future Gradle versions although I can’t give a specific timeline.