I am looking for help to create gradle plugin for Kotlin

No idea where to start from on gradle side. Any volunteers to help?

I’m happy to contribute. An important question is where the plugin should live:

If the plugin was part of the Gradle distribution, it could make use of Gradle’s infrastructure for compiler plugins. For example, it could leverage the compiler daemon. Also it could use Gradle’s infrastructure for testing plugins. On the other hand, we aren’t keen on growing the Gradle distribution any further (in terms of plugins).

If the plugin was part of the Kotlin distribution, one version of the plugin would only have to support a single Kotlin version, and wouldn’t have to load Kotlin dynamically, which simplifies things.

If the plugin was its own (GitHub) project, it could have its own release cycle, would be flexible in terms of which Kotlin and Gradle versions it supports, and it would be comparatively easy to contribute to.

Probably the easiest will be to start standalone