Running Gradle without Execute Permissions (Windows)

Hi folks

I’m running Gradle in a Windows 11 environment where I don’t have an admin account, and I don’t have permission to run executables that aren’t in Program Files.

This is an issue, because there’s a step in my build where Gradle seems to compile a .jar into an .exe on the fly and try to run it, and the build fails.

If i run gradle build --stacktrace, there’s a line near the bottom that says:

Caused by: Cannot run program "C:\Users\<my name>\.gradle\caches\transforms-3\d2e13ce933dc46ad7688d7cb7c2ae8e0\transformed\aapt2-7.1.2-7984345-windows\aapt2.exe": CreateProcess error=1260, This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator

which is the normal error I get when I try to run an exe.

The frustrating thing is, I have the Android SDK commandline tools installed, and aapt2.exe is already available on the path. So I’m not sure why Gradle needs to go out of it’s way to make a new one in my home directory.

Is there any way I can tell Gradle to use the Android SDK’s aapt2.exe? Or just use the original aapt2 Jar with the Java installation I also have on the path?

I’d like not to have to get into a fight with my IT group about whitelisting random executables in my home folder.

You might be better off asking in an Android community or or on the Android Gradle Plugin bug tracker.
Gradle itself does not do this.