Gradle never runs any tests

I’m totally new to gradle, so I apologize for any faux-pas I’m not aware of.

Originally, while trying to run the tests on an application folder I had made with gradle init, I was getting a message saying this:
Path for java installation '/usr/lib/jvm/openjdk-11' (Common Linux Locations) does not contain a java executable
This is because it’s not in that directory, it’s in one called java-17-opendk-amd64. Up to this point, gradle tests were running on some other stuff I had from a platform called exercism, which provided gradle builds whenever I tried the problems over CLI.

Trying to fix the problem, I found a post on a forum saying I might need to use export to add the correct directory. I did this, and now, I’m still getting this error, but on top of that, none of the tests from those exercism problems I mentioned run. I just get a message saying something about “3 actionable tasks.” They don’t even show up.

How can I get my tests to run? All of them?

EDIT: Okay, now I’m really confused. It seems that the tests on a newly-downloaded exercism problem do run. It’s just the old ones that existed before my export JAVA_HOME= command that don’t run tests.

EDIT 2: Sorry about the manic way I’m writing this. It looks like the tests ARE running, even though I’m still getting that message; it’s just that now, it’s not showing passed tests.

EDIT 3: Hopefully my final edit. On completing the exercism project, I am seeing no “does not contain” error, and I am seeing all my passed tests. I have no idea why this isn’t the case for the original exercism projects, and why my personally-made project gives me that error.