Request for a minor update on the Tooling page

(sander) #1


This is not exactly a problem but rather a request… hope I’m not filing into a very wrong place.

Very nice that the JRebel plugin is mentioned on your tooling page (! Anyway, the info is a bit outdated. The link that currently points to an ancient blog post should definitely be changed to point to the Github repository at .

If I may, i’d suggest something like this (of course completely up to you how you’ll have it, just trying to make it easy for you) :


There is a [link to github]Gradle JRebel plugin[end of link] for automatic, customizable generation of JRebel’s configuration files during the build."

– Sander Sõnajalg main developer of Gradle JRebel plugin ZeroTurnaround

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Thanks Sander. I’ve updated the tooling page accordingly. The changes should go live shortly.