Report a possible race issue

Hi, Developers of gradle/gradle,

I am writing to report a race issue on use of ConcurrentHashMap. The issue is reported by our tool in an automatic way. Although manually confirmed, it would be a false positive, given we do not know the specification of the program. We would very appreciate if you could check below for details and confirm with us whether it is a real problem. For more information, please refer to our website:

File: gradle/gradle/subprojects/launcher/src/main/java/org/gradle/launcher/daemon/registry/
Location: Line (82/88,73/77)
The operations in line 82, 88 are guarded by lock “daemonInfos” to guarantee atomicity, since get().setID() are two operations and not atomic. However the write operations on “daemonInfos” in line 73, 77 may break this atomicity since they are not guarded by the same lock. Relying on the ConcurrentHashMap to ensure exclusive access is dangerous since ConcurrentHashMap has no guarantee of exclusive access.