Replacement of gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin

We use gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin to copy dependencies of Gradle project into local directory. It has worked well to get JAR and POM files. However, the plugin does not support Maven BOMs (dependency version specified via platform or enforcedPlatform) and the plugin is marked as unmaintained.

Does anyone know any good replacement of gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin?

Things I checked:

What do you mean? Apache License 2.0 is the published license that accompanies the source of that plugin. Functionally does it do what you need, or is there another problem?

Thank you for response!

Yes that’s what I am looking for for that plugin. Would you share where you found Apache license for gov.chesapeaketechnology.offline-dependencies?

The link on the plugin page takes you to the Chesapeake Technology website. There’s a GitHub link on the top bar on the right. The GitHub link lists all of their repositories. It’s nicer when the plugin author links directly to the specific plugin documentation or repository, but it’s only a couple extra clicks to get there.

Thank you very much. The GitHub page also showed that is a fork of mdietrichstein/gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin. This is a good candidate to replace gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin.

mdietrichstein/gradle-offline-dependencies-plugin does not support Maven BOM either.