Quick 4.8.2 release with the ASM 6.2 upgrade?


We are not far from being able to build the full Hibernate ORM project with JDK 11 but Gradle is in the way for one of our modules.

I think the ASM upgrade done in https://github.com/gradle/gradle/commit/64743b4f8578c8696e9f01081b0ee2090c552d0a would fix our issue.

Would it be possible to backport this commit to the 4.8 branch and make a quick 4.8.2 release? That would be really helpful.

Note: I tried the latest rc but it does not solve the problem either as rc2 does not include this commit.

How about using the latest 4.10 nightly? There should be plenty of other Java 11 related fixes in it.

We won’t do 4.8.2 since 4.9 is almost done. Also we would only do an rc3 for a critical regression.

We are trying to support JDK 11 in our main tree so we can’t really use a moving target for our Gradle version.

What you’re saying is that Gradle 4.9 won’t have the ASM upgrade either and we will need to wait for 4.10?

IMHO, allowing the projects to build with JDK 11 is quite critical so that everyone can be ready for the JDK 11 release.

There’s nothing “moving” about a nightly wrapper. It’s versioned so you pin to one specific day. It’s perfectly safe to use, the nightly is only published if it passes extensive automated tests.

Also ASM is only required if you run the Gradle daemon itself on Java 11. If you only run compile/test tasks on 11 while running Gradle itself on an older Java version, things should work fine. So it’s mostly a convenience/efficiency issue, not a blocker